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Tips for Serving Trays

The assembly of the Serving Tray is easiest when done as follows. You will need a #2 Phillips screw driver. Any powered drill or screw driving guns electric or battery operated are not recommended until one is very familiar and comfortable with the assembly of the trays.

  • Remove the protective film and sublimate the THB Tray Bottom. Since these parts are of a larger surface area than you may be accustomed to, we recommend a 90 sec. hold time @ 400° F with firm clamp pressure.
  • Please exercise extreme caution when removing the THB from your heat press. Using an oven mitt or rag when removing any items from your heat press is recommended.
  • Warping can be minimized by allowing the board to cool face down on a flat, firm surface with a flat weighted object on the back of the board. If warping is severe, the board can be heated again on the backside for 20 seconds and allowed to cool as described above.
  • Pre assemble one End Rail and the two Side Rails. This is best done by installing the 2 screws on each side ½ way only. If the end piece is left loose, it will be easier to slide the bottom into place. In doing so, the bottom becomes the guide that aligns the two side rails to the end rail.
  • Slide the sublimated base into the slots of the side rails first and end piece second. The amount of warp in the tray bottom, the relationship of the slots in Side Rails and End Rail and the accuracy of the assembly holes can all lead to slight difficulties in assembling. Loosening one or both of the screws slightly may help in aligning the components.
  • With the Tray bottom, two side rails and the one end rail in place, the 4 screws on the first End Rail can be tightened until the screw head is almost flush.
  • DO NOT tighten any screws until the Tray is completely assembled.
  • Pre-assemble the second End Rail again leaving the screws loose.
  • Slide the tray bottom toward the second End so that at least a 1/16" extends beyond the end of the Side Rails. It is now possible to align the second End Rail to the Sides.
  • You can tighten all the screws. It is best to tighten each screw a little at a time and keep switching from end-to-end and corner-to-corner. This will help to keep the tray square as you tighten the screws. DO NOT over tighten! This may split or strip the wood.
  • Cover the 8 screws with the 8 wooden buttons provided. Glue in if desired, but you will not be able to remove the screws and change the bottom if the plug is glued in.
  • Place the four self adhesive foot pads on the bottom four corners of the tray. There may be some slight misalignment in the side and end rails. This is normal.
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